Guide to gynecomastia treatmentsThere is actually no right or wrong treatment for gynecomastia. Yes, there are a lot of options that range from surgical to non- surgical methods in treating it but not all will work in all patients with the same condition. All you have is the option to choose which one will work out best for you.

The Pros and Cons of Surgical Gynecomastia Treatment

With most patients, surgical intervention is the least preferred form of treating gynecomastia. Aside from the fact that the cost of surgery is fairly high compared to the non- surgical options, the risks and possible complications are what deters most of the patients. As it is an invasive procedure, a lot of things should be considered especially with patients who have other pertinent medical conditions like hypertension and diabetes. These should be considered beforehand as this will make the doctor help you with distinguishing which conditions can possibly harm you once you decided to go through a surgical procedure. But as they say, if you want the best results, you should have it the hard way.

Although surgical interventions are somewhat overwhelming it is good to know that if you are looking for speedy results, this is your only chance of having them. This is the best part when you choose surgery over any other means. You need not wait long before seeing the changes.

On the other Side of the Coin

When you opt to have non-surgical gynecomastia treatments, there is lesser risk since scalpel won’t be touching your skin, it is way cheaper and could be just as effective as its surgical cousin.

Exercises for gynecomastia

Non- surgical manipulations includes eating a gynecomastia diet which is mostly consist of a low fat, low calorie, high fiber and high protein foods. Another one is through doing the right exercises to sculpt the chest wall and eliminate the surrounding accumulation of fats. The third is through camouflaging the breast size by wearing compression type of clothing that will effectively lessen the prominence of its size. The last non- surgical option is by taking hormone therapeutic drugs that can reduce the breast male size. All of these methods are safe to use but I strongly recommend for you to know first whether all of these are applicable to your current kind of lifestyle.

And most importantly, you have to take note that the waiting period to see a significant result is quite long. It will take weeks and months of religiously doing your choice of method before you can say that you are satisfied with the results. This is the only set- back that most patients complain about and the only thing that prevents them from choosing these kinds of methods.

These options are for you to decide which methods you should take in solving your predicament. It may be a bit of a headache to go through the details of the options but you should be able to weigh the methods very well and that can be achieved by knowing each of the options.

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