Get your strength with decaDeca is one of the most popular steroids among bodybuilders. The drug is available on the black market long ago, therefore the fakes are very common and the original is rare. So if you want to get good quality, you have to be careful and cautious. Users report significant strength and muscle mass growth. Deca Durabolin is actually the brand name of Nandrolone (19-nortestosterone) decanoate injection produced by Organon. There are no estrogen and androgenic effects during the usage of Nandrolone. Therefore, the ability of aromatization is merely 20% of the testosterone.

Nandrolone results in high-quality muscle gain, increased nitrogen retention and increases in protein synthesis. Probably the favorable anabolic properties may be mainly explained by the effects attached to non-androgen receptors, but the androgenic effect of quantities (200mg-1000mg) used during a cure is also very significant. The most common form of nandrolone is bounded to a decanoate form. This is an ester chain with 10 carbon atoms bound to the 17. carbon atom of a steroid, which helps to maintain activity levels of nandrolone.

Build muscle with deca steroidThe nandrolone is active for a relatively long time, which is about 15 days. The plasma levels are also relatively stable for 10 days. It is worth mentioning that if nandrolone injections are shot in the bottom, smoother blood levels provided than in the cases when it has been passed in the delta. Nandrolone is a very popular drug because it is safer than strong androgenic steroids. In studies on HIV + patients the patients received 200mg-600mg of nandrolone, and there was no significant negative change in terms of HDL-LDL ratio, neither the total cholesterol.

It can improve immune functions and may help in the case of joint problems. Of course, the use of nandrolone represents dangers too. Many athletes report water retention (although it will greatly depend on the quantities used), which increases the cardiac load and blood pressure. Another unpleasant side-effect is the nandrolone’s impact on the testes.

Deca steroids are relatives to progestins, it’s binding ability to the progesterone receptor is around 20%. This means that even 100 mg of nandrolone almost completely stops testosterone production. Due to the above-mentioned actions, it is always worth to combine with some kind of testosterone to replace the androgen effect. After each nandrolone gonadal functions (HCG, tamoxifen) have to be restored. As all doping agents, nandrolone also has its dangers, so be cautious. Breast tissue (gynecomastia) and erectile dysfunction may occur. It may also reduce the number of sperms and increase the blood pressure levels.



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